Rememgo is a new methodoligacal approach in language teaching developed by our company. It is especially useful for groups of busy people who find it difficult to find time for study between lessons (business people, SME owners, on-the-go parents, etc.), or those who struggle with memory and recall.

It uses a specially created algorithm, based on psychological research into how the memory works, focusing mainly on in-lesson learning without the need for extra home study.

If you are a teacher, Rememgo is for you. Learn how to use Rememgo via our Udemy course.

Learn how to:

– simplify your lesson and course planning

– teach more effectively

– make sure students are  engaged and excited to learn

– focus on the learning process in the classroom, removing the stress of extra study

– get the most of your course content, at all levels from beginner to advanced

– engage all age groups, and is especially suitable for busy students

FREE END OF COURSE GIFT – Welcome to lesson planning made easy.

At the end of the course, receive your free tool tool to engage busy students so they remember, return and stay the course – Rememgo’s handy automated lesson constructor in Excel format.