We are here to help you to:

bring your visions into actions * take practical steps * make improvements and changes * move the unmovable * take steps to extend your horizons

You are in the right place if you:

have a vision (personal, small business, non-profit) but need help to figure out and take specific steps

need changes to your personal/small business life, you feel to be stuck or like in a routine and want to achieve more in life

need to revise or investigate processes and find ways to improve them

We provide business consultancy, organisational consultancy, strategy consultancy and personal development consultancy in online and on-site form. We carry out courses, workshops and trainings.

We offer available professional business consultancy services for small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and organizations.

How can we help you (our services)


Online or on-site – as agreed. With the company owner, management, or employees, as per preferences. They include: a consultancy meeting and interview – discussion and analysis of the chosen troubles in your company. Subsequent elaboration of an output document containing the specific steps/information necessary for the follow-up.

  1. Online/on-site business review
  2. Company strategy, an action plan for business/firm/organisation or vision
  3. Corporate culture and identity
  4. Marketing analysis and marketing plan
  5. Entrepreneurial aesthetics
  6. Competition research

See detailed description here.

Duration: 1/2 day. Price: 199 EUR


Consultancy on selected issues in the areas of leadership, management, vision, marketing,… companies/organisations.

Price: 39 EUR/hour


In specific topics, at your company, teambuilding, conference or other premises.

  • Systematic business development
  • Practical marketing for small businesses
  • Business aesthetics
  • Doing business vs. getting a job
  • Time management in the family

Duration: 90 min Price: 80 EUR

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