Start your own freelance business in translation industry! Decide on your own time!

Get jobs from international companies, find your own clients. Have it in less than 2 weeks!


It helps new translators:

  • start their own translation business
  • receive authorized references on translations they get as an assignment from us
  • receive insight into the world of translation business
  • prepare for great translation jobs

If you complete our course, you will have:

  • great information on tools necessary to start your freelance translation business
  • our certificate
  • our authorized references on the translations you will have completed, including info on the specialization, wordcount and our recommendations
  • your personal data and materials ready to present yourself
  • a specialized translation resume and covering letter completed
  • your profile ready on major translators’ portals
  • the opportunity to start working with translation agencies, businesses and your own clients

You can complete this self-study course within 2 weeks, or even sooner if working intensively.

Change your life forever and start your own freelance translation business! Get the know-how, obtain your references and credentials, and receive practical direct guidelines and instruction to start your new translation business!

 E-mail us at

You can choose:


  • after sending us the e-mail one of our assistants will contact you a navigate you through the course ( EUR 139 – PayPal or IBAN)


  • we offer onsite courses and webinars, more info (if any) on our Facebook page HERE

For the price of EUR 139 you will receive:

  • self-study materials including instructions on how to set up your translation business including guidelines on:
    • declaring your qualifications and expertise
    • setting up language pairs and linguistic services
    • dealing with legal requirements
    • getting familiar with major CAT tools including instructions for practice
    • creating your specialized translator´s resume/
  • start-up steps – practical steps to start your translation business
  • gain access to assignments to include in your certificate
  • earn references/testimonials for three translated texts of up to 500 words each,
  • receive our certificate
  • receive administrative support from our team members throughout the process

Our graduates say that after joining our program their perception of the translation business changed. Not only have they overcome the feeling of being lost and at a “zero point”, but they now have references and are actively quoting on jobs using our references, bringing them success in a relatively brief period of time. And that´s the point. You as a translator want to get jobs! You don´t want to sit in an office doing a job you don’t enjoy – you want to enjoy your job and be great at what you do!

 E-mail us today at and change your life forever!