Online/on-site business review

Basic analysis of the company’s business systems (for individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations). Recommendations for improvements, guidelines, follow-up plan to improve the state of the company.

Focus on: company vision, products/services, marketing and sales, support systems.

Company strategy, an action plan for business/firm/organisation or vision

Analysis of the position and vision of the company, setting out specific steps to develop and direct the company/organization into the future or realization of a specific vision.

Practical action plan/development strategy.

Corporate culture and identity

Corporate culture gives your business identity, recognizability. It determines how the life of your company pulsates, it sets rules, gives order and clarity. It builds on your values and influences style, presentation, behavior, speaking, clothing, products, design, …

We will help you to formulate, develop and implement your own corporate culture. Don’t leave things to a chance! Let the behavior of employees and the image of your business represent what your business really is.

Marketing analysis and marketing plan

Marketing analysis, identification of weaknesses and opportunities. Tailor-made formulation of strategy and key elements of marketing. Recommendations and a follow-up plan. Identification of target groups and strategy for the use of marketing tools.

Entrepreneurial aesthetics

Analysis of the aesthetics of your company – elements of corporate identity, aesthetics of the personality of the entrepreneur, aesthetics of premises, products and aesthetics in the provision of services. Recommendations and suggestions for solutions, a plan for the next steps.

Competition research

Analysis of the environment you want to do business in — within an industry or region. Information on services, prices, approaches and advantages of competition. Analysis of the necessary aspects for success in the market, feasibility of the selected business – regulations and requirements.