We are here to help you to:

bring your visions into actions

take practical steps

make improvements and changes

move the unmovable

take steps to extend your horizons

You are in the right place if you:

have a vision (personal, small business, non-profit) but need help to figure out and take specific steps

need changes to your personal/small business life, you feel to be stuck or like in a routine and want to achieve more in life

need to revise or investigate processes and find ways to improve them

We are here for:

– your business and start up: helping you to express your ideas, define your goals, make action plans, to assist you with business values and corporate culture, creating your corporate image, making research, …

individuals who desire to change in their careers, lifestyles, creativity, …

non-profit and third sector organization, local politicians – they find our support useful in defining visions, setting goals, organizing, planning and launching their new projects or revising the old ones.

Our goal is to help you to realize your visions and make them happen! We do our best to offer great and complex business support and development services in one place.

Thanks to our small internal network of skilful and experienced specialists we can provide complexity of services whilst keeping them professional and confidential.

We all have our own stories of failure and success. Over the last 16 years we have worked for various companies in commercial as well as non-profit areas. We were responsible for many new projects, serving several thousands of people. We also have experience in running our own small businesses. We can guarantee you our empathy, support, understanding of passion for vision, as well as accepting failure and unchangeable circumstances.

A word from the founder:

So many people are stuck dreaming, saying they WOULD like to, or they WANT to, but they don’t take any steps. They remain being employees despite having great business ideas. They keep doing the same things but never realize their visions. They are intelligent and creative, but they never move forward.

Despite this, it is easy to start out on the path to making big, horizon-breaking changes. Our passion for many years has been to support those people in taking that direction, turning their visions into actions, and extending their horizons. It always starts with the feeling inside, with a desire to go further, higher, deeper, … These are the moments you feel you could do better and I believe it’s worth trying for them. We have seen so many people taking their courage and enthusiasm and starting a new life, and never looking back.